Limits and Demonstrations


A walk through a virtual modern art museum


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Limits and Demonstrations is a sort of interactive experience where players take a walk around a little circular modern art museum where a series of artworks by Lula Chamberlain are being exhibited.

Your mission is simply to visit the different works on exhibit and comment on them with your female character's two friends. The comments you make regarding the works will change your companions' comments, but beyond that they won't have much of an impact.

The most interesting thing in Limits and Demonstration is that it serves as a demonstration, visually above all, of what Kentucky Route Zero can offer. And what is Kentucky Route Zero? The game, commercial this time around, developed by the same indie studio.

Limits and Demonstrations is a very pleasant visual experience. Although it doesn't convey all the sensations that one might desire, the result is still rather thought-provoking.
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